Monday, August 15, 2011

Cameron's Riots

It has been a week since London was gripped by violent riots and anarchy, but now that Cameron has returned from sunning himself in Italy all is fixed. Government and democracy has won but they are not the biggest winners this week, Cameron is.

The PM was strangely absent for three nights of the disorder. By the time he returned, large parts of London had seen mass looting and running battles between youths and outnumbered police, it had also spread to other parts of the UK. When he came back he swung into action, and seemingly stopped everything, and got Britain working again. This was a magical fix for a dithering government. Thatcher had her Falklands war, bush 9/11 , and Cameron now has his London Riots.

It might be seen as political suicide to stay away for so long, but it could also save him and some of his policy’s. However if he is to survive this, his biggest bonus will come from what laws he can now introduce keep the masses in check. social media censorship, mobile black outs, a crack down on protest, and the introduction of riot control for police (while still cutting numbers). It is a gamble for him, but he may just pull it off. If not he still has four years to repair any damage.

My point is, and this is not a conspiracy theory, Cameron did not plan the riots, what he did was see a opportunity after the Tottenham riot to sit and wait. If it passed no harm done, if it escalated he would then return cape in tow to save the country. It is actions like this that we sadly expect from our leaders these days, political will is broke and its far better if its the will of the public that can be bent, even if they have to be scared shitless' first.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Help a mate get a free office for a year

Ok i dont normally do this as it MY blog, but i kinda want people from twitter to help if possible.

Roselawn house have started a competition that offers a free serviced office space for a year.

Mike McLoughlin is a hypnotherapist in Limerick city, Ireland and would love to start up a  hypnotherapy practice and start a new career, this competition gives him that opportunity now to get his business started.

details of the competition are below


To mark the launch of our Roselawn Entrepreneur Project, we are offering new business start-ups, small businesses and entrepreneurs the chance to win a rent free office space inclusive of all the utilities mentioned above, for a Year!

Stage 1: Voting Process:
From 3pm on the 8th of July, you will be able to vote for the company you would like to win by simply liking this page and writing the name of the person you wish to vote for on the wall using the @ icon before their name. Entries should be submitted no later than the 22nd of July 2011. The two people/companies that recieve the highest votes will be announced on Monday the 25th of July.

Stage 2:
The top two companies that have the highest votes will be put to a judging panel, where it will be announced who will win the rent free office for a year.
Roselawn House Terms and conditions apply. Companies must be fully registered and have the required documents for our office requirements. Please note that it is one vote per person. Any duplicate votes will result in removing the voters votes completely.

Good luck to all

now all you have to do to help Mike is to go to thisThis Facebook Page to like it, then you post @Mike McLoughlin on the page to vote for him.



Friday, June 3, 2011

Love days like this

As the title says, the last 24 hours has been so good

It all started off last night after what is normally a pain in the arse instillation of a new distro on my linux box, when I have done this in the past my dvd drive breaks and all hell breaks lose, this time I was determined to force my BIOS to boot from usb, after a few Google searches I found a forum that has a thread about my problem, the general consensus "It cannot be done" :( well screw that. I fiddled and lo and behold I did what they said could not be done, never did like the so called tech expert anyway.

Sexy New Desktop
So now I have a lovely linux desktop and thanks to I have also got corky running for the first time (clock and meters on the right).

Second wonderful thing was my early birthday pressie from my girlfriend, one freshly pressed ticket to see Paul Simon in Cork. I cannot wait to see this living legend play, I have wanted to to years now and missed the last time because I had my head up my arse doing exams, and no they were not worth it..
Only thing now is can I get Garfunkel to join in, any one got his number??

The final great event was me getting around to booking my flight to San Francisco to see my wonderful friend Rebecca and my old mucker Paul and family, I'm so looking forward to the break from Ireland and the rain (however it was lovely today). its a little crazy as it has been two years since I was last over in the states, so much has changed since then, it is long over due.

Top that with dinner with Coll and the kids, hugs from Coll and Caria and finally a few episiods of Black Books and I'm as happy as a pig in shit after the butcher just got in a road crash on the way to collect him. Why can all days not be like this?